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Tracking down a murderous pedophile becomes more complex when Jack Corbin meet Lilith Walker. Their powerful, enigmatic romance ups the stakes for the intrepid couple who discover they must also take on violent Cuban and Russian gangs in Miami. All hell is about to break loose.

Retribution is a dark tale of one man and one woman's quest to bring the worst offenders in the lurid business of child sex trafficking to justice. However, the two anti-heroes in this story don't believe that the justice system deals effectively with the criminals they've targeted - which are the worst of the worst. In these cases, they become judge, jury, and executioner. Their goal is to exact retribution on these monsters..

The two unlikely protagonists, a piano teacher and a librarian, become unexpectedly infatuated with each other when they first meet. The first time they make love, something very unusual happens: their spirits unite. When children involved in their lives become victims of the same pedophile, Jack and Lilith vow to find him. Exciting, suspenseful, provocative. 


The powerful summer storm disgorged its torrents of rain amidst an accompanying crescendo of rolling thunder. The locals referred to these events as gator gushers. In a mostly futile effort to eke out a bit more cover from the downpour, Jack pushed himself closer against the brick wall inside the small alcove. He’d arrived at the library early to discover the doors were locked.

He suddenly became aware of an attractive woman looking at him from the other side of the double doors. He glanced at his watch—ten more minutes before the library opened. Looking back at her, he affected a stoically forlorn expression. After a moment’s hesitation, she smiled sympathetically and pushed open one of the double doors.

“Why don’t you come in out of the weather?” Her voice was soft and sweet.

Pushing himself away from the wall, he returned her smile. “Thank you. That’s very kind of you. It is a bit soggy out here. I left my umbrella in the car. Guess I didn’t think it would start raining so soon.”

He stepped inside then hesitated, waiting to see if he would be allowed to go to the research room or told to wait until 10:00. She looked up at him as she closed the door, her head only coming up to his broad shoulders.

Jack got the impression she might be studying him, as if trying to reach a conclusion about something she hadn’t anticipated. A blinding flash of light, followed immediately by a deafening crack of thunder, caused them both to flinch and lock eyes. Out of nowhere, an unexpected rush of sensual attraction overwhelmed Jack.

“Is there something I could do for you?” she asked.

Having momentarily lost focus, the question struck him as a bit odd. He Intended to tell her that he was here to use the library, but, Instead, he found himself saying incongruously, “I’m Jack, Jack Corbin.”

The woman shook her head slightly, as if this introduction confused her. “Should I know who you are?”

“Oh.” He grinned stupidly. “No. No, I’m sure you wouldn’t know who I am. I just thought, well I’m grateful that you let me in and, I don’t know, I guess I just thought I should introduce myself.” He realized he was making a fool of himself. Rarely paying any attention to women these days, here he was behaving like an awkward teenager. “I’m here to do some research, you know, old newspapers and such.”

She smiled sweetly, enhancing his attraction to her and increasing his disorientation. Thick red hair framed her classic heart-shaped face. Jack found her natural beauty so compelling that he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Well, I’m Lilith Walker, the library technician. I can show you how to access and use our research guides.” Her vivid green eyes held his gaze as she spoke, and once again Jack felt as if she was sizing him up.

Deciding not to tell her that he already knew his way around a library research system, he replied, “It’s very nice to meet you Lilith. And thank you very much, I would appreciate your help.”

“Follow me,” she ordered. “What sort of research are you interested in?”

Still distracted, he found himself a bit at a loss for words. “Ah, um, articles on trafficking, missing persons, gang activity, things like that.”

“Oh, are you a detective or journalist?”

“No, I’m a piano teacher—mostly.” What the hell was happening? “The research is kind of a side project.”

Lilith studied his face but said nothing. Then she examined his hands. They didn’t particularly look like the hands of a pianist, but they were nice-looking, strong hands. She looked up at his face again. He was a handsome man, in a rugged sort of way. His tousled sandy hair and dark blue eyes complimented his youthful-looking face.  Inexplicably, without any warning, and totally out of character, she found herself strongly attracted to him. She’d never felt compelled to ’find a man’ to share her life, and she certainly wasn’t looking for one now.

“A piano teacher,” she said at last. “I would’ve never guessed.”

They entered a room with several computer stations lining the walls. Showing him how to access the primary index application, she explained the process for navigating the various databases for magazines, journals, reference books, and source documents.

“Thank you very much, Lilith,” Jack said when he realized she was finished. “I also really appreciate you letting me come in early.” He held out his hand.

She took it into hers holding it a little longer than seemed normal. Her hand felt so small in his. “You’re welcome. Is Jack your given name or a nickname?”

Jack smiled broadly wondering if she was flirting with him. “It’s a nickname I picked up in grade school. My given name is John. There were two other boys in my class named John. So, on the first day of school, my teacher, Sister Mary Teresa, told me she planned to call me Jack to help her keep all the Johns straight.  She named one of the other boys Jonathan. The name stuck, but my mother always called me Johnny,” he said with a self-conscious chuckle.

She liked his laugh. It was genuine and pleasant.

Beta Reviews

“Retribution reeled me in and would not let go.” York has “…a masterful ability to paint a vivid picture just using words.”                                                                                                         Priscilla Johnson, Texas

“…enough explosive details to keep me hooked throughout the whole story. Jack and Lilith are captivating. Their journey through falling into each other’s lives, finding their strength together, and overcoming real world monsters is one that I would read again and again. Pure perfection.”             Alyson Manns, Ohio

“I loved this book! The plot of Retribution is not the same old boy meets girl love story. There is plenty of romance, but I thought the best part was the James Bond type escapades of the hero, Jack. There are lots of twists and turns in the plot which kept me hooked to the end. I can’t tell you about my second favorite part without giving too much away, but it involved a trip into the Everglades.”                   Paula Payne, Florida